Our values


Based in Lyon and Paris, with international coverage, Into-Nations has established itself as a leader in translation, conference interpreting and equipment rental, by maintaining the values which are at the core of its reputation: Quality, Responsiveness, Confidentiality, and Client Satisfaction.


Visuel QualitéQuality

stringent quality control procedure, sa our recruitment policy and the use of modern project management tools, we have made quality our core ethos: quality translations, quality interpretation, quality advice, quality client relations, and the quality of our dialogue, responsiveness, and communication. As a result, in a client satisfaction survey on quality, Intonations interpreting agency received 19/20 for the quality of its services, and 20/20 for the quality of its human relations. Into-nations has built a loyal client base through this constant pursuit of quality; many of our clients have been working with us for more than 20 years.


Visuel RéactivitéResponsiveness

At Into-Nations multilingual translation agency we understand how important it is to keep pace with our clients! Your time is precious, and it is essential to have a dynamic service provider if you are to meet your own deadlines.

At Intonations, we spring into action from the moment you make your enquiry: you receive a clear and detailed quote within the hour. This is the case throughout the year, even during the summer.

Our project managers share this sense of urgency: their organisational skills and ability to handle urgent assignments are qualities particularly appreciated by our clients. They have full knowledge of the availability of their translators, interpreters and transcribers, as well as their areas of expertise by language, and are therefore perfectly placed to find the right solution to meet your needs within your deadlines.

In some cases this is no mean feat! In addition to our in-house teams, Into-Nations translation agency has a global network of translators, interpreters and transcribers, all carefully tested and approved by us, thus allowing us to work in different time zones.

Finally, we keep a detailed history of each client using our ERM TPBox management tool, and put together all the information we need to deal with your requests efficiently and in record time: rates, deadlines, regular translators/interpreters, reference documents, terminological preferences and instructions.


Visuel ConfidentialitéConfidentiality

We work with international organisations, local governments and private sector companies for whom confidentiality is paramount (in particular in law enforcement, defence, intellectual property, industry and legal proceedings), and as such we have set out a charter for confidentiality and contracts signed by all of our associates, whether for simultaneous interpreting or written translation. We have also installed technical and IT solutions across our computer systems to safeguard your documents’ security.


Visuel Satisfaction ClientClient satisfaction

For Into-Nations, our clients' loyalty is the best indicator of their satisfaction. We aim above all to create a genuine, long-standing partnership. Many of our clients have been with us since the beginning, as they are sure of our commitment, our passion and our knowledge of the profession. We were very pleased with the results of our client satisfaction survey (96% of clients were very satisfied, 99% of deadlines were met, and 100% of clients would recommend Intonations), but we are continually striving to improve our performance! Into-Nations works hard on all levels to ensure your satisfaction:

  • Advice – benefit from our 30 years experience of organising multilingual conferences in France and abroad, and of managing urgent and complex translation projects. Our teams are here to provide you with a professional solution which fits your budget.
  • Transparency – our quotes are clear, detailed, and do not contain any hidden charges.
  • Keeping our promises – at Intonations we make it a point of honour to keep our promises and, in the case of unforeseen issues, to react quickly and suggest appropriate solutions.
  • Good humour – at Into-Nations we believe above all in the importance of the human factor and in quality communication with a smile. Our teams are tight-knit, passionate and always happy to help.