• Corporate communication, marketing, newsletters, annual reports
  • Technology, science, engineering
  • Business, finance, insurance
  • Legal, contracts, certified documents
  • IT, websites, multimedia
  • Medicine, pharmaceuticals
  • Environment, tourism, sport


Accurate, natural-sounding translations produced by experienced professional translators working into their native language and subject to stringent in-house quality control.

  • Simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreting
  • Talks, conferences, seminars
  • Trade shows, guided tours
  • Training courses, workshops
  • Negotiations, factory visits
  • Official speeches


A global network of top-class interpreters with excellent interpersonal skills, a dedicated project manager to ensure everything goes to plan on and off site.

  • Full or concise transcription: adverts, interviews, speeches, debates, subtitling, voice-overs
  • Stenography and minute-taking: boardroom meetings, works councils, annual general meetings, hearings etc.


A comprehensive transcription service for audio or video files in all languages. A team of seasoned conference stenotypists and minute-takers.

  • ISO-compliant-interpretation booths & technical assistance
  • Tour guide systems (wireless microphones and headsets)
  • Microphones
  • Full sound installations (consoles, transmitters, loudspeakers)
  • IT, multimedia equipment

Audio systems

A turnkey technical package including interpreting and state-of-the-art audio and IT equipment suitable for all types of events.