transcriptionInto-Nations has the professional expertise to provide you with a full range of services: transcripts, transcriptions and re-transcriptions in any language and from any audio or video file. Our teams of professional writers and transcribers are here to help, to listen to your recordings and suggest the most appropriate format for your needs:

  • Transcription in full (formal, word for word copy)
  • Full revised transcription (correction of grammatical errors and repetitions)
  • Full refined transcription (stylistic improvements)
  • Condensed transcription
  • Executive summaries

  • Adverts, interviews – Speeches, debates, professional interviews
  • Conferences, talks, conventions, round tables, seminars
  • Witness and other statements, general assemblies (court officers, lawyers)
  • Subtitles, films, rush transcripts, voice-overs



At Intonations we also offer you a full range of conference stenotype services. Whether you are an association, a body representing employees, an international organisation, or a private sector company, our team of minute-takers and stenotypists – all with qualifications from the French Association of Conference Stenotypists – are at your service for:

- Meetings, works councils, health and safety committees, employee representative bodies, joint meetings
- General assemblies, contracts, arbitration

Conference stenotypists are professional meeting minute-takers. Using a technique for transcribing speech in real time on a special "stenotype" machine, at more than 210 words per minute with no distortions, they transcribe every remark made in a meeting word for word. They also record the names of the speakers, what happens in the room (laughing, applause, hubbub, protests, hustle and bustle etc), as well as procedural elements (voting, changes of presidency, participants' entrances/exits etc).

This stenotyping technique gives a complete rendition with very few alterations. Using the initial notes from the stenotype machine, they then draft the minutes, in either full or concise form, which give an account of the remarks made in the meeting and of the atmosphere.