Audio equipment

Overview of audio services



At Into-Nations, we guarantee the success of your presentation by providing you with a comprehensive solution including interpreters, equipment and technical support. We are here to help and can give you advice on the most appropriate equipment for your meeting: either fixed equipment (booths) or portable apparatus (tour guide system).





Sonorisation - Matériel fixe

Fixed infra-red or digital equipment:

  • simultaneous interpreting booths 
  •  interpreting consoles
  •  headsets with infra-red or digital receivers
  •  table mics, whole room sound systems
  •  transportation, setting up and taking down equipment, technical assistance


Sonorisation -Materiel portatifPortable equipment:

  • flight cases with 10 or 20 multi-frequency wireless stethoscope-style headsets with mic
  • ideal for factory visits or seminars of up to 50 people
  • no installation or audio system necessary


Sonorisation - Materiel de sonor isationSound systems:

No matter the size of the meeting room, Into-Nations can provide you with all the audio equipment you need for your presentation to go smoothly: paging mics, conference mics, gooseneck mics, loudspeakers, speaker units, mixing desks, and amplifiers. Our technicians can also give you advice on the best equipment to use depending on the type of meeting you are holding.


Sonorisation - Materiel informat ique et audiovisuelIT and audio-visual equipment:

In addition to interpreting and audio equipment, Into-Nations can provide you with a full range of IT and audio-visual solutions, including computers, video projectors, pointers, audio recording equipment, and electronic voting systems among others.


A standard set of simultaneous interpreting equipment comprises:

  • one or more interpreting booths (one booth per foreign language),
  • two interpreting consoles per booth (this allows interpreters to select the correct channel for source and target languages),
  • infra-red transmitters, to ensure the signal covers the entire room
  • headsets with infra-red receivers for participants, allowing them to select the channel which matches the language of their choosing,
  • one amplifier and one mixing desk
  • depending on the conference venue, extra sound equipment may be necessary: table mics, paging mics, lapel mics, portable mics, speakers on stands, etc.

Where necessary, Into-Nations can also supply digital interpreting equipment. This equipment gives you optimal sound quality can also allow you to set up outside.



Equipment provided by Into-Nations meets ISO standards for interpreting equipment. Our portable booths are discreet and ensure complete acoustic isolation, both for interpreters and conference participants. All equipment is checked systematically, and headsets are cleaned and disinfected after each use. At Into-Nations we are here to help and give you advice on conference equipment.